Thursday, November 5, 2009

Poem for an Autumn Day

Everyone Knows

On an Autumn day,
the path open,
and the leaves
like a whirling orb,
he said,
“I’m going to walk a way
down the trail.”
Shoulders bent, back bent,
just to clear his mind,
he went.
She watched him go
and put soup in a pot
for his return.
“I’ll be back,”
she heard him say
before he closed the door.
He went that way
of his own design
with a stick for a third leg
and a brown scarf he liked.
She loved to see
the trees sway
in the Autumn sky,
their leaves in flight
and scattered on the ground,
sometimes swirling in circles,
a golden tunnel down the trail
inside the trees,
a spear of sunlight
through the middle
with a tip of hurt
that traveled to her heart.


  1. Thanks for writing the poem. It is so sad, but captures the moving leaves in a neat way. Wonder why she is sad ? Wonder, did he come back? Autumn always make one think of life's end. Silvia

  2. "...with a tip of hurt that traveled to her heart." This touches me! Beautiful poem so complimenting the season and Silvia's painting!