Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is a painting by my friend, Sylvia Williams, titled "Memories of the Sea." It's an evocative image and inspired the poem below.

An aerial view of a blue lagoon:
I’m diving down through layers of air,
soon descending, swallowed by depths,
stroked by cold water,
the almost perfect pleasure,
seeing the submerged view,
holding my breath with splendor
as the air bubbles rush past.
Then, turn, pull upward and rise,
the burst amidst wide water petals,
the smell of Bougainvillea,
the mechanical saw of the katydids,
the too sweet cry of the chickadee,
the life of the air.


  1. You are indeed a gifted poet. So happy my painting inspired such beautiful imagrey and so unusual. Gave me depth to my piece. Silvia Williams

  2. A perfect marriage of visual art and word art. In my mind as I was reading the words I imagined myself being swirled up in the water then bursting through for air!

    thanks for the ride.