Saturday, June 20, 2009

Now and Then

can be known:
watch children at school: watch
what they do: the future that forms them
they will form: they become
the future
When her
hearing aid
squeals, I recall tuning
the frequencies on old radios:
I wonder what she hears --
what sweet songs
she knows.


  1. I thought the hearing aid poem was sweet...

  2. The hearing aid and how you liken it to the tuning of an old radio makes me speculate about the instruments we use to perceive reality and how most of reality cannot be sensed by our physical bodies. In some cases we can use instruments like radios to pick up invisible waves of energy and convert them to a form that we can sense on a physical level but there is an unimaginable vastness beyond radio waves, etc, that we cannot perceive in our physical forms. The poem about the school children seems to me a variation on the idea of perception, in the case of the school children how it relates to how we perceive time and its passage. Your writing is very thought-provoking.

  3. That's an interesting comment. It helps me realize that we also communicate ideas on levels of which we aren't immediately aware but come to awareness through interaction.